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  • Began career in sales with Johnson Controls
  • Worked with Todd Hyneman to start up Total Comfort Solutions Greenville, SC office
  • Thirty-nine years experience in HVAC service business
  • 26 years w/ Johnson Controls
  • 13 years w/ Total Comfort Solutions
  • Primary focus is Operations and Customer Satisfaction

Steve Mathis

Vice President of Operations  |  Email Steve

In my role as Vice President of Operations, I provide leadership and direction for our Operations Team in five locations across South Carolina and eastern Georgia. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, and we earn our clients’ trust by consistently providing outstanding service.

A passion for proactive, preventative maintenance forms the foundation of our service. We have been proud Linc Service contractors since 1989. The tools Linc provides help us fulfill commitments to our clients and propel us toward our company goal: to be recognized as the leading HVAC solutions provider in the communities we serve. Toward this end, Linc has introduced us to innovations like handheld PDAs, which help our technicians increase efficiency, productivity, and the speed at which clients may access service reports.

Personnel development is also an integral part of our culture. Each employee follows a development plan and attends specialized trainings, resulting in individual and companywide growth and success. Safety is a major priority for Total Comfort Solutions, and we foster it with monthly meetings, videos, and reviews.

Thank you for your time and your interest in our company. Please contact me any time with questions, comments, or requests for fresh solutions to your HVAC needs. We welcome your feedback, and I look forward to talking with you soon, as either a potential client or employee.


Steve Mathis

Steven Mathis, V.P. of Operations
Total Comfort Solutions