Columbia College

Partnership Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs in terms of both energy and maintenance, and facilitated affordable capital infusion in to secure necessary funding
  • Replaced an obsolete central boiler system
  • Installed self-contained PTAC’s in freshman residence halls
  • Upgraded central air delivery system to improve indoor air quality
  • Improved the condition of the community pool
  • Sparked a commitment by students to reduce the college’s carbon footprint
  • Expedited the construction schedule to meet occupancy requirements

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Columbia College

Columbia College is a private liberal arts women's college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. With an enrollment of 1500 students from 23 states and 20 countries, the college continues its legacy of developing female leaders with the courage, commitment, confidence, and competence to build a better world. Coeducational evening and graduate classes are available in addition to those offered by the Women’s College.

Columbia College’s president, Dr. Caroline Whitson, sought out the financial and technical acumen of Total Comfort Solutions and Linc’s Bundled Energy Services teams for help with the difficult task of finding the means to replace an aging infrastructure. As with most private colleges, very strict borrowing rules limited the college’s ability to address this issue on their own; thus, Linc’s experience in this area was essential to the project’s success.

Customer's Goal

To enrich Columbia College’s educational environment through improvements to the residence halls’ comfort systems and by replacing a significantly deteriorated steam system.

Our Solution
  • Financial guarantees which allowed for project financing
  • Install HVAC systems with individual room controls
  • Increase the dependability of all comfort systems
  • Focus on mission-critical core needs
  • Meet a very compressed construction timeline
  • Provide a firm fixed price contract.
  • Produced $6 million for capital improvements
Bottom Line

Dr. Whitson said: "We are excited that this project has allowed us to accomplish two important goals:  we were able to improve quality of life issues for our students, faculty, and staff; and, we were able to diminish our impact on the environment. Linc and Total Comfort Solutions have been excellent partners throughout the project," said Dr. Whitson.