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Columbia College Partners with Linc Team to Complete Bundled Energy Solutions Project


Columbia, S.C. – June 15, 2011 – To further enrich the education environment for students and faculty while reducing its carbon footprint, Columbia College recently partnered with two Linc Service Contractors – Raleigh-based Linc Services, LLC, and Total Comfort Solutions – to complete major renovations and implement energy-efficiency improvements on all of the main campus facilities. The renovation and upgrade project, which began in June 2010 and was completed in March 2011, will be financed over a 15-year period. Columbia College is expected to realize significant energy savings from the measures and systems implemented by the Linc contractors, generating $6 million in capital funding over the term of the financing agreement.

“This project represents a successful collaboration between Columbia College, who was searching for a means to improve the quality of life for its students, and a Linc team that leveraged its experience, innovative strategies, and financial solutions to help the College achieve these essential goals,” said Dan Dowell, Linc Network’s Director of Energy Solutions for the Mid-Atlantic Region. “Columbia College’s Administration and Board of Trustees placed a tremendous amount of trust and accountability upon the Linc Services’ team to produce a financial structure which allowed the College to proceed with implementing the recommended solutions. It gives us great pleasure to have helped Columbia College satisfy its students, complete its renovations and derive real financial benefit from this investment.”

As with most private colleges, Columbia College faced very strict financial borrowing rules, limiting the College’s ability to address critical renovations and upgrades across its campus buildings. Of specific concern within its physical plant was a more than 50-year old steam plant that had become unreliable.

Dr. Caroline Whitson, Columbia College’s President, sought the financial and technical acumen of Linc’s team to help design and deliver a solution to address the difficult task of finding the means to replace an aging infrastructure without increasing student’s financial burden or launching a charitable fund raising campaign.

Dr. Whitson said:  “We are excited that this project has allowed us to accomplish two important goals:  we were able to improve quality of life issues for our students, faculty, and staff; and, we were able to diminish our impact on the environment.  Linc and Total Comfort Solutions have been excellent partners throughout the project,” said Dr. Whitson.

While the four residential halls were the project’s core focus, all facilities at the main campus received renovation and upgrades, including:  new hot water heating boilers; new instantaneous domestic hot water heaters; water conserving plumbing fixtures; state of the art facility controls; replacement of air handling equipment; relocation of air conditioning equipment; new circulating pumps; swimming pool heater upgrades; retro-commissioning of existing equipment; installation and upgrades to the electrical distribution systems; and integration of natural gas distribution lines, which were installed throughout the campus.

One of the primary goals of the project was to increase comfort levels in the dorms so students enjoyed their full experiences while attending Columbia College. One measure of how the project performed in this area was to measure student retention rates pre- and post-implementation. The student retention rate in 2009 was 91%, while the post-implementation number rose to 97%, in part because of this successful project, according to Dr. Laurie Hopkins, Columbia College’s Provost.

About Columbia College

Columbia College is a private liberal arts women's college related to the United Methodist Church with a legacy of developing women leaders possessing the courage, commitment, confidence and competence to build a better world. In addition to the Women’s College, coeducational evening and graduate programs are offered. Enrollment is 1500 students from 23 states and 20 countries. Columbia College is also home to the Leadership Institute and the Alliance for Women, a network of colleges, universities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations, and individuals dedicated to working together to bring about positive changes that will improve the lives of all South Carolinians.  Columbia College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelors and masters degrees. For more information about Columbia College visit www.columbiacollegesc.edu <http://www.columbiacollegesc.edu> .

About Linc Services, LLC

Raleigh-based Linc Services, LLC is a fast growing company with more than 250 locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and South Africa. As a Linc Service® Contractor, Linc Services follows the disciplines of the Linc System® in delivering the highest quality energy and facility solutions. Bundled Energy Solutions refers to a comprehensive package of energy conservation services, provided by Linc, which maximizes facilities’ energy efficiency while lowering their cost of operations. For more information on Linc, visit www.thelincgroup.com <http://www.thelincgroup.com>  or www.lincservice.com <http://www.lincservice.com> . Linc Network and Linc Services are ABM Industries Incorporated (NYSE:ABM) companies, a leading provider of integrated facility services. For more information, please visit www.abm.com <http://www.abm.com> .


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