Our mission is to optimize Building Performance in a manner that reflects our values and earns our clients’ trust.

Total Comfort Solutions began in 1976 with only two employees in one location. Since then, our footprint has grown to seven locations across South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. For most of our history, our name was “Total Comfort Service Center.” Since opening, we have been focusing on growing our people and positively impacting our clients and communities. As we grew in location size, we realized that our solutions had a greater purpose than what we originally set out for them to be.

In 2010, we became Total Comfort Solutions to better reflect what we offer to our clients. We specialize in partnering with business owners that are looking to improve their business. We offer ideas, opportunities, and research to help business owners achieve long-term building performance that leaves a lasting positive impression on their bottom line.

We believe the way to realize our vision is to invest in our people and communities so we can uphold our core values that make us who we are. We are on a path toward reaching our vision through a combination of great staff, exceptional service, and cutting-edge industry insights.


It’s our vision to be recognized as the regional leader in building performance.

Our Core Values

Treat People Well – Romans 12:10

  • Treat everyone with courtesy, respect and dignity.

  • Create a teamwork atmosphere that is positive and fun and that encourages all employees to stretch to their full potential.

Do the Right Thing – Luke 10:25-37

  • Deal honorably with our clients, our employees and our suppliers.

  • Always fulfill our commitments.

  • Be good stewards of our clients’ money and our company’s resources.

Run a Great Business – Colossians 3:23-24

  • Deliver fast response, quality service and innovative solutions by a staff that is trained and fully knowledgeable in our field.
  • Operate our business in a responsible and profitable manner to ensure the continued growth and financial future of the company.


We are more than workers with a task to do, but people with a difference to make.


Our honest, completely transparent process begins with truly listening to the client. From there, we partner with them to find their ideal solutions from our Four Centers of Value:

  • Linc Service

  • Critical Response Solutions

  • Innovative Project Solutions

  • Energy Solutions

As an independent company, we can work with a variety of vendors to ensure we offer our clients the most appropriate, cost-effective fit for their needs. Our capabilities are magnified by the breadth of our presence in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, as well as our technicians’ and engineers’ wide range of knowledge, which allow us to respond quickly and effectively to critical needs.

We offer our clients access to the best providers in the marketplace.


As a Linc contractor, Total Comfort Solutions is set apart from others in the marketplace by utilizing standard operating processes and procedures in all aspects of the business, from sales to operations to administration.

Our partnership with Linc allows Total Comfort Solutions to offer added value to our clients as we make use of a wealth of research and training. This helps ensure our employees are up to date on issues pertinent to the industry such as safety procedures and environmental regulations along with the latest in equipment, technology, and energy trends.

We also utilize a variety of Linc tools—the most visible of which is our service management system that was created to give clients access to the complete picture of their custom-tailored solution, from start to finish.