"We can [focus on our employees and their emotional safety] because the infrastructure is running well. We can finally focus on the business."
Scott Jamieson
Vice President / General Manager

Case Study Highlights:


  • High temperatures on production floor
  • Elevated employee stress levels
  • Reactive approach towards mechanical systems
  • Unplanned spending on short term solutions
  • Aging equipment

Bottom Line

  • 30% productivity increase
  • $80,000 in energy savings
  • Improved employee engagement KPI
  • Increased employee retention


MacLean Power Systems is dedicated to keeping power infrastructure performing optimally by supplying world-class products and programs to fulfill the needs of customers who maintain electrical services to consumers worldwide.

MacLean supplies over 12,000 power system products to customers every day. Their areas of product expertise include automatic splices and bolted connectors, silicone rubber non-ceramic insulators for transmission, distribution, and substation applications, surge arresters, pole line hardware, aluminum, bronze and iron clamps, fiberglass brackets and guy strains, steel fabrications, bonding and grounding products, anchoring systems, and much more.


MacLean Power Systems in York, South Carolina, was experiencing significant challenges regarding the environment on their production floor. One of the obstacles for MacLean before Total Comfort Solutions became a partner, was a gap in understanding about how their building's performance was impacting their business goals.

Some of the additional challenges they were facing:

  • High temperatures on production floor
  • Elevated employee stress levels
  • Reactive approach towards mechanical systems
  • Unplanned spending on short term solutions
  • Aging equipment


After careful analysis of MacLean Power Systems' operating costs, operating practices, and business goals, our team of experts determined several objectives tailored to MacLean's unique challenges.
The objectives were:
  • Increase occupant comfort and optimize working environment
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Mitigate risk of production chiller failure and down time
  • Develop sustainable strategy non reliant on capital

Our solution to meet the proposed objectives included:

  • Refrigerant leak repair in process cooling equipment
  • Proactively identifying and addressing previously deferred maintenance
  • A proactive strategy to replace worn and doubtful parts to maximize uptime
  • Energy usage tracking to improve efficiency


Once Total Comfort Solutions and MaClean partnered to implement the customized solution, they experienced:


One of the ways Scott Jamieson, Vice President/General Manager, measures employee satisfaction is through a KPI he calls "Eyes Up and Smiling". This means that when he walks through the production floor, if employees look up from their stations and smile, he knows things are going well. If they don't, he knows something is wrong. Prior to the program, this KPI was measuring poorly.

Following the implementation of our Guaranteed Preventative Maintenance Program, Scott noticed that the "Eyes Up and Smiling" measurement was improving. With time freed up from trying to manage their HVAC challenges, leadership was able to focus on their culture and creating programs to prioritize their team members’ emotional safety. Their recent employee engagement survey confirmed that employees were more engaged and satisfied than before, showing results of 75% from the previous 56%.

"It used to be that the situation managed us, but now, we manage the situation. When I see your van parked outside, I know we are being taken care of."

Jeff Slocum
EHS, Maintenance & Facilities Manager